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Exhibitor Preview丨Andy-Tec Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., A Gas Solutions Specialist

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Andy-Tec Founded in December 2016, is the exclusive agent of TK-FUJIKIN new energy products in China. Tk-fujikin Corporation was founded in 1995. It has two modern chemical plants in Busan, Korea, with annual sales of more than 300 million US dollars and more than 700 employees. It is the world's top three manufacturer of gas pressure parts.

Andy-Tec is the only designated agent and service provider in Chinese mainland area of TK-FUJIKIN. The products include hydrogen power vehicle and hydrogen station pipe valves, CNG and hydrogen vehicle bottle valves and hydrogen system parts, UAV pressure reducing valves and various stainless steel pipe valves.

Tk-fujikin's 20000psi CT threaded pipe valves (from 1 / 4 to 3 / 4 specifications) are used in batches for hydrogenation station equipment in Korea and China, and have become a qualified supplier for well-known hydrogenation station contractors in China.

Tk-fujikin UAV 35MPa pressure reducing valve is the only valve in the world that has obtained international certification and has been used in batch for Doosan hydrogen fueled UAV.

Tk-fujikin 70MPa hydrogen bottle valve is expected to obtain ec79 certification by the end of 2021 and will soon become the core product of hydrogen energy on-board system.

The Korean HANWHA Type-IV hydrogen tank represented by our company has obtained the EU ec79 certification, and both 52L 70MPa and 170L 70MPa have mass production capacity, which is mainly used in hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars, heavy trucks and buses. Type IV hydrogen tank for 35MPa 10.8L UAV has obtained iso111119-3 international certification. Busan vehicle cylinder production line and California production line have opened their production capacity to Chinese customers. HANWHA will soon invest and build a factory in China to provide high-quality products and services for the domestic market.