Summit Introduction

The Hydrogen Energy Summit adopts the form of ‘exhibition + conference’, which means to provide an exhibition space for summit participating enterprises. Whereby, enterprises could enjoy integrated service of new product promotion, demonstration, business networking and media publicity.

From July 28 to 30, 2022, industry elites will gather at HEIE to discuss development trends of hydrogen energy and share cutting-edge technologies in the industry. Which will provide a platform for the integration and sharing of information, technology and market, and will contribute to the building of a full-round ecological construction of hydrogen energy and realize the vision of a zero-carbon society.


Summit Advantages

Gather government officials, industry leaders, experts, entrepreneurs and industry elites for joint discussions.
Hydrogen 100 will invite the expert committee, member units and relevant institutions to carry out exchanges and authoritative interpretations.
Discuss hot issues concerned by the industry, with strong practicability and foresight, along with cutting-edge technology and policies.


Summit Agenda

Morning of July 28
Opening Ceremony + VIP Guest Addresses
Hydrogen Production, Storage & Transportation
150-200 people
Afternoon of July 28
Speeches by Industry Experts and Entrepreneurs
Hydrogen Station
150-200 people
Morning of July 29
Speeches by Industry Experts and Entrepreneurs
Fuel Cell
150-200 people
Afternoon of July 29
Speeches by Industry Experts and Entrepreneurs
BOP Components
150-200 people
Morning of July 30
Speeches by Industry Experts and Entrepreneurs
Fuel Cell Vehicle
150-200 people
Afternoon of July 30
Speeches by Industry Experts and Entrepreneurs + Closing Ceremony
On-board Hydrogen Supply System
150-200 people


Guests to be Invited

Shi Dinghuan

Former Secretary General of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Member of the Party Group, Former Counsellor of the State Council, and Former Chairman of China Renewable Energy Society

Wang Jin

Director of the International Energy Research Institute, Department of International Cooperation, NDRC

Chai Maorong

Chief Expert of Hydrogen Energy of State Power Investment Corporation Limited

Mao Zongqiang

Professor of Institute of Nuclear Energy and New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University, and Vice President of International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE)

Zhang Jiujun

Dean of College of Sciences of Shanghai University, Academician of Canadian Academy of Engineering, Engineering Institute of Canada and Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada


Institutions to be Invited

National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy, CHN Energy
Guohe Intercontinental Energy Consulting Institute
Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area Industrial Innovation Promotion Association
Hydrogen Energy 100
Colleges & Institutesmore>>
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Energy Research Institute of NDRC
CSIC 718 Research Institute
Beijing Institute of Technology
University of Science and Technology Beijing
Hydrogen Enterprisesmore>>
Beijing Heracles Novel Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing Leidong Zhichuang Technology Co., Ltd.
Innoreagen Power Technology Co., Ltd.
SPIC Hydrogen Energy Co., Ltd.
Syn Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


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